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Leadership Drive

During recent Go Look See activities, it has shown how a 15 minute walk can open the eys of senior Directors, The power of this tool is enhanced when you can show how to interact the workers and what ... Read More

Quality Savings

Savings in Quality have been madeof 50%, Scrap was reduced by using structured Problem solving techniques. Call today for moreinformation on how FjordGroup can support your productivity and efficiency ... Read More

Strategic Cost Cost Analysis

FjordGroup strategic Cost Cost Analysis Tool(TM) identifies Business Bottlenecks impacting on Performance & Profitability. Call for more information

Euro Crisis

Is the Cash flow within your comapny slowing up? Allow FjordGroup to analyse your curent situation and create a Strategic Plan for Success...

Rescue & Recover

FjordGroup's Buisness Resuce & Recover process - 1. SPEED 2. STRATEGY 3.LEADERSHIP (C)
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