Client Benefits

Working with Fjord will produce both people and processes that work in harmony to deliver you "Bottom Line" profit.

Fjord is focused on helping today's business to reach their potential.  We do this by helping you to create tangible results.

Typical results seen

55% Quality improvement
35% Capacity improvement
40% Tooling cost reduction - €400K
36% Waste reduction in process time
22% Uptime improvement – 3D Milling Machines
€1.6Bn - Opportunity identification in 1 manufacturing site
€469M –Opportunity identification in 9 manufacturing sites
17% Lead time reduction in 'Just In Time' principles
2% Decrease in absence levels
3% Decrease in work accidents.
22 Greenbelt projects initiated – Planned saving €1.9M
1300+ Hrs Leadership
24% Lead time reduction in maintenance process
£89M Waste identified in logistics operations
74% Lead time reduction to process in 8hrs

Current client savings

£19M - Opportunity identification in 2 manufacturing sites.
Supporting production shift reduction, quality improvement and overall lead time reduction to customer.

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