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FjordGroup launches the “Fjord Lean Leadership Program” (FLLP) to provide a realistic approach to ensuring success through inspired leadership behavior.


FjordGroup, a company that implements organisational performance solutions, announced today the launch of their Lean leadership Program “LLP”.

Forward thinking organisations are adopting Management Consultancy skills both internally and externally to progress and sustain organisational growth or increase capacity for the future in a downturn through change projects and continuous improvement.
FjordGroup is a member of the institute for Business Consulting and the courses will be held at the clients facility where everyday issues can be addressed through the program.


The tools and techniques covered are ones developed by FjordGroup and are used in blue-chip organisations, the learning and discussions are related to real life examples and case studies, not just theory.

There is no specific entry requirement but we would expect that candidates intend to pursue a career or are currently a leader of people and processes.

FjordGroup’s CEO, Mark Hvaal, a 28 year successful experienced leader said, "This course is the first step towards building confidence in leadership in a time of uncertainty, we need to enhance our leaders to support the industry gap in strong and innovative leaders. It is education that steers the chances in life”

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